Rolfing & Fascia

Desirable effects of Rolfing®

Long-term prevention of wear and tear, chronic pain and stress symptoms:

... Reorganization of body structure and balance
... Stability and coordination
... Greater flexibility of the connective tissue and thus more vitality for the body
... Differentiated agility of all muscles / muscle groups and tissue
... Mobility and relief for joints and vertebrae
... Increased mobility after surgery

Deepening of breathing Please check with your doctor / physician in case of ...

current infections of all kinds, osteoporosis, inflammation, cortisone, autoimmune and heart disease, a weak immune system, strong varices, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory connective tissue diseases, viral hepatitis, up to six weeks after suffering a stroke, Psychotic disorder / use of psychotropic drugs or blood-thinning agents If in doubt ask your doctor whether you should avoid exposure to a manual treatment.

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