The 10 Sessions


- A short initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation
  The first session lasts approx. 90 min., all following sessions approx. 80 min.
  Children, teenagers & students: 70 min., here the price is also cheaper

  Rolfing is not yet listed in the benefits catalog of the German public health insurance companies.

- The sessions take place in back, side and belly position, standing or sitting ... 
  quietly or with small movements

- Clothing: underwear or swimwear (for women two-piece, for men underwear/
  swimming trunks (short). Possibly boxer shorts with short but wide legs over them)



- Do not apply a greasy cream beforehand

- Do not eat directly before or after the treatment

- Do not expose yourself to heavy physical exertion afterwards. Moderate exercise is OK

- Avoid promptly other body treatments such as physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy, etc. 
  so that the nervous system has time to "integrate" the treatment

- Drink water before and after - we move fluid!

- Keep fit with fascia training! 

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