The 10 Sessions

What to expect?

We clarify your reasons, expectations and questions regarding the Rolfing sessions.
From this and from the observation of the body in a static and dynamic state carried out before each session, the focus for the following sessions will be determined.

A traditional series comprises ten units which logically build on each other and each have their own focus (e.g. breathing, walking, body axes).

The body is systematically addressed once in its superficial and deep structures and axes in order to bring the body back into balance as far as possible in the long term. 
For an acute local improvement, a few sessions are often sufficient. 

In parallel, movement patterns are brought to consciousness and will be optimized if necessary.

The 1st - 7th session differentiates individual structures,
the 8th - 10th session deepens, connects and integrates.


Number, intervals and success of the sessions

Optimal treatment intervals are approx. 1–3 weeks

The starting point such as the nature of your structure, your general condition, your perception of the process, your desire and your current ability for an active change determine the success and permanence of Rolfing.

After the desired number of treatments, allow your body and nervous system a few months to adjust to the new "information".

You want to try out Rolfing or seek advice?
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