Rolfingpraxis Jeannine C. Friesen

Rolfing® is designed to improve your Body Alignment and Movement.
Acquire more Mobility, Flexibility and Balance and improve your physical Performance for an easier and more powerful Life!


The body learns to use its structures in the right way - effortless and under little engergy.
It can help to activate the body's intelligence and its self-healing powers permanently.
Get on your body:
Discover your individual new opportunities and experience the difference.

Jeannine C. Friesen


With the exemplary descriptions no promise of salvation/healing claim is given. Rolfing® does not diagnose and does not replace any necessary medical or psychological treatment. When such attention is needed please consult your doctor / physician or licensed healthcare practitioner regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical/psychological condition. Rolfing® is health care. Resulting Improvements are possible and desired side effects.

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